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Shawls and tudung,fashionable scarves/hijab for the taste of simplicity at affordable low prices. We offer tudung & scarves that fit beautifully for every occasion, and we are here to help you find the perfect fit. Happy shopping!
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You may use Visa, Mastercard or any other payment method that could deposit to my CIMB or Maybank account. Cash before delivery only.


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Our Shop  

Our shop is a treasure box of Tudung/scarves with inspirations for simple plain designs that highlights personal beauty & characters. Our plain designs adorned with a spectrum of beautiful color choices on very high quality materials, would suit any of your  accessories for all occasions. The promise of our simple attractive designs is to exude personality and the natural beauty of the wearers. Highlight your beauty with our exquisite tudung, we can help!


Tudung, shawls, hijab, head scarves for women who cares about their outlook and wants to show their personalities. We chose beautiful pastel colors & colors with subtle metallic tone that compliments any skin types and any accessories. Our selections consists of very high quality, respectable fabric materials suitable for professionals on the job or on social occasions. Plain designs do not give the 'camouflaging effect' as 'busy designs' , thus giving the 'center-stage' effect to the face of the wearers.

Our Prices

Yes, we sell them at low prices as low as RM10 per piece. You could buy one piece at the low price, but our customers usually will make many followup orders. Once you check the quality of our materials and how it looks on you, we are sure that you'll order more from us. Most new buyers are recommendations by our customers to their friends and family. At RM10 a piece, we have students, professionals and housewives buying from us. It's the quality, comfort, ease of wearing and most important of all, how it exudes beauty by not camouflaging the face.   

You must try our tudung and take the opportunity  on our low price offer, or buy as a gift to your friends and family. 

Customers' Reviews - Motivate us to do much more, with better selections at affordable prices for our tudung, shawls, selendang & scarves..

"suka sangat sbb senang nak bentuk." -- FB client, KL

"comfy x panas.takpayah lilit2 banyak..sekali je lilit dah siap..." -- FB Client, KL

"..shawl neyh sgt2 selesa n sgt2 cntekkk...akk sgt2 sukee ♥♥♥.." - FB client, PJ

- Hundreds More testimonials by Lilit Lilit's customers...

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